Military deliveries look out 2018

Alenia C-27J Spartan


Zambia will be the new operator of the Alenia C-27J Spartan. The African country purchased two aircraft out of an order signed in 2015. Both aircraft are expected in Q1/2018 in Zambia.


With a new administration coming to office in Chile, some acquisition plans to strengthen the Chilean armed forces have been rekindled. Involved in these plans are the successor of the MD530, the FACh’s S-70 acquisition and the five-year old plan to upgrade the T-36. Reconfirmed are the six medium transport aircraft for the army, likely C295s. Others are new or recent, notably the air force is getting two Basler BT-67s, the Navy acquiring four second hand AS332L helicopters and new training/SAR helicopters to replace the TH-57.


Brazil has now confirmed the purchase of British helicopter carrier HMS Ocean. Brazil bought the ship for £84 million. UKDJ already discovered the upcoming sale in March 2017, but apparently the deal is now signed. HMS Ocean is the UK’s only helicopter carrier and the fleet flagship of the Royal Navy. She is designed to support amphibious landing operations and to support the staff of Commander UK Amphibious Force and Commander UK Landing Force.


Bell Helicopter will soon deliver five refurbished Bell UH-1H Huey IIs to the Uganda People’s Defence Air Force (UPDAF).

Early November 2017, Bell Helicopter at Ozark (AL) finished the refurbishing Hueys after a year work. Subsequently, they were transported to Huntsville (AL) for air transport to Uganda.


Two more AgustuaWestland AW159 Wildcats will boost the Philippine Navy from 2018. The contract of some USD 114 million was already signed in 2016.

The anti-submarine helicopters are expected to arrive the last quarter of 2018 and early 2019. The two helicopters will be based on the two frigates on order from Hyundai Heavy Industries.

The Philippine Navy already operates six AgustaWestland AW109Es with Naval Air Squadron MF-40 based at Danielo Atienza Air Base.


On 28 December 2017, Tokyo officially released the English version of the “Defense Programs and Budget of Japan” document, in which the MoD details the FY2018 budget request.

Known figures concerning air forces are:

$73.9 million to implement E-767 AWACS modifications,
$128 million acquisition of one RQ-4B Global Hawk,
$44.5 million for other related expenses, such as the development of necessary facilities for the Global Hawk fleet,
$174 million launch the development of a next-generation ground-based warning and control radar system,
$784 million 6x F-35A
$266 million will be allocated for other related expenses, such as ground support equipment for F-35.
$246 million 1x KC-46 tanker aircraft
$400 million 2x C-2 transport aircraft


The Russian State orders for the production of MiG-35s with a start in early 2018 as Interfax reports. Serial delivery of the MiG-35 to the Russian Federation – Aerospace Forces (RF VKS) is included in the state armaments program for the years 2018-2027.

Source: Scramble