British Airways new Sister.. LEVEL airline

British Airways has a new baby sister.

Introducing Level, a low-cost, long-haul airline welcomed into the world last week by BA’s parent group IAG, which promises flights across the Pond from just £99.

What is Level?

“Stylish and modern,” according to IAG’s chief executive Willie Walsh. The carrier is IAG’s fifth, joining Aer Lingus, Vueling, British Airways and Iberia, whose crew will be in charge of running Level while it finds its feet.

The airline is no doubt an effort by the aviation group to forge further paths into the budget market, with headline prices of £99 to destinations across the Atlantic announced at the launch.

Where does it fly?

First, it needs pointing out that Level only flies out of one airport – and it’s not in the UK. It is, in fact, in Barcelona, Spain’s second city.

So, to take advantage of its cheap fares, you have to find your way to the Catalonian capital, first.

From there, Level will fly to Los Angeles, San Francisco – in the form of Oakland – Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Fares start from £99 one-way and are already on sale, but all routes launch in June.

Its two new Airbus A330 aircraft will be configured to carry 293 economy seats and 21 premium economy.

What’s included in the price?

Not much. Following the established budget model, Level’s base fare covers your seat and that’s about it. Passengers receive a free cabin bag but must pay extra for checked luggage, food and drink and seat selection, while in-flight Wi-Fi starts from €8.99 (£7.81). An entertainment console is available to all customers.

Customers choose extra services according to the category of ticket purchased – from Level (hand luggage only, with a €150 fee for changes and no refunds) and Basic+ (free meal and one piece of hold luggage; changes permitted for free) to Flexible (hold luggage, meal and extra leg-room seat; changes free of charge) and Premium Economy (meal, two checked bags, but no extra leg room; seat selection; free changes).

The different fares offered by Level

When Telegraph Travel attempted to book the cheapest possible return flights to Los Angeles (LAX) for September 17 (back 21), it came to $469.25 (£378.88), but that comes with no hold luggage or food. A Premium Economy fare would come to $1,285.25 (£1.037.12). For comparison, a BA flight for similar dates costs from £1,041, with one connection, while Iberia is from £1,032 with one connection.

It is worth noting that when you select your destinations and dates via the Level website, it redirects you to the Iberia website, where you can also see fares for Iberia and British Airways as well as American Airlines.

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