Wideroe will be first airline to fly Embraers brand new E190-E2

Wideroe 190-E2
Widerøe,  the  largest  regional  airline  in Scandinavia,  will  be  the  first  airline  in  the  world to  receive  the  brand-new  E190-E2  jet,  the first  member  of  the  E-Jets  E2,  the  second  generation  of  the  E-Jets  family  of  commercial aircraft.  As  the  launch  operator  of  the  model,  Widerøe  will  receive  their  first  aircraft  in  the first half of 2018.
Widerøe  has  a  contract  with  Embraer  for  up  to  15  E2 family  jets  consisting  of  three  firm orders for the E190-E2 and purchase rights for 12 further E2 family aircraft. The order has a potential list price value of up to USD 873 million, with all orders being exercised.
“The market is keen to know the identity of the E190-E2 launch operator, and we’re pleased to end that suspense on this Valentine’s Day – Widerøe is the ‘perfect match’. The airline has a special  place  in  our  hearts;  Widerøe  are  proven  pioneers  in  their  field  who  have  achieved major  success  and  still  remain  hugely  ambitious,  similar  in  many  ways  to  the  path  taken  by Embraer”,  said  John  Slattery,  President  &  CEO,  Embraer  Commercial  Aviation.  “The  E2 program remains on target with technical specification guidance, on time and on budget. Our team remains focused on a successful delivery to Widerøe in the first half of next year.”
Widerøe  is  configuring  the  E190-E2s in  a  comfortable  single-class  layout  with  114  seats. With  the  Norway’s  airline  order,  the  E-Jets  E2  backlog  has  275  firm  orders  plus  Letters  of Intent,  options  and  purchase  rights  covering  another  415  aircraft  giving  a  total  of  690 commitments from airlines and leasing companies.
Stein  Nilsen,  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  Widerøe,  said,  “We  are  very  proud  we  will  be  the first airline in the world to operate the E190-E2. Knowing the hard-work Embraer is doing in the  certification  campaign,  especially  in  terms  of maturity,  we  have  every  confidence  in  a smooth  entry  into  service.  The  E190-E2  will  be  a  big  leap  in  Widerøe’s  history,  and  our planning for the first deliveries is now well underway.”
Embraer press release