Atlas Boeing 747 Dreamlifter makes mistaken landing at Jabara airport.

747 Dreamlifter in service

An Atlas Boeing 747 Dreamlifter scheduled for landing at McConnell Air Force Base got mistaken en landed at Jabara Airport Wichita Wednesday night.

No damage occurred in the landing to the plane or runway that is not built to receive aircraft of this category and weight. The Flight 4241 was arriving from JFK Airport New York. The FAA will investigate the incident.

ATC recordings shows that the pilots were under the impression they were at Beech Field, not McConnell, but the coordinates show that they actually landed at Jabara.

The Dreamlifter is a Boeing 747 converted to be able to hold large fuselage parts for Boeings 787 Dreamliner, and is the largest cargo hold in the world.

At max. takeoff weight this Dreamlifter needs 2803 meters (9,199 feet) of runway, and 2134 meters (7000 feet) for landing. The runway at Jabara Airport is 1860 meters (6,101 feet). (more info about the Dreamliner)

According to different sources the 747 Dreamlifter is capable to take off from Jabara Airport in the current conditions and the (small) cargo on board. Information will be given around 12:00 pm Thursday November 2013.