The suborbital vehicle – SOAR S3

SOAR S3Dassault Aviation is pleased to contribute to the S3 (Swiss Space Systems company) project, part of a Swiss and international cooperation involving partners as competent and prestigious as ESA (European Space Agency), the Von Karman Institute, Sonaca, Meggitt and the Stanford University.

Swiss Space Systems will benefit from our company’s expertise in the field of aerospace vehicle design and integration of complex systems. Based on the concept of the VEHRA airborne launcher, developed by Dassault Aviation, and with a rocket engine and equipment taken from modern aircraft such as the Rafale or the Falcon business jets, the S3 project borrows from space and aeronautical fields to provide a robust, flexible and secure system.

The S3 project is part of Dassault Aviation’s ongoing commitment to remain a major player in rising to major aeronautical challenges, including preparing for the future of aerospace transportation.