RAF Reaper reaches 20,000 hours over Afghanistan

The RAF’s Remotely Piloted Air System, the Predator MQ-9 Reaper, has notched up a landmark 20,000 operational flying hours over Afghanistan.

Controlled by 39 Squadron, the Reaper force has repeatedly proven itself, both in combat and as eyes in the skies for front line troops and military commanders on the ground.

Reflecting on the achievement, Air Officer Commanding No 2 Group, Air Vice-Marshal Phil Osborn, said:

“The RAF’s Reaper force has proven itself time and again in combat and is an essential element of the RAF’s combat intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance capability.

“The real-time, day and night video coverage of the battle space, combined with the extensive use of onboard radar, provides a unique, cost effective and sustained capability that enhances the safety of troops on the ground.

“This cutting-edge remotely-piloted aircraft provides an impressive range of capabilities that are saving lives and making a real difference to the troops in Afghanistan.

Source and photo: MOD UK