Crash B-737-800 Turkish Airlines, Schiphol Amsterdam killing 3 crew, 2 Turkish and 4 American passengers


Amsterdam February 25th 2009-

Late in the morning at 10:31 am local time a Boeing 737-800 of Turkish Airlines (TC-JGE) from Istanbul flight number: TK1951 crashed in a field less then a mile of the runway ‘Polderbaan’ of Schiphol Amsterdam.


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As it seems the pilot was trying to make a controlled landing in the field, what the reason was of this action is at this time unknown. Just before touching the ground the pilot lifted the nose of the aircraft just as it would do in a normal landing. Other stories of eye witnesses described a ‘Stall’ situation maybe caused by a fuel shortage, but at this time there are no certain facts about any of these statements. Investigations will start immediately.

The Plane has broken in three pieces during the crash, fire has NOT broke out witch probably saved a lot of lives in this disaster. Schiphol – Amsterdam has never had a disaster of this scale in it’s history of almost 100 years.

tc-jge-crash2Eye witnesses saw passengers climbing out of the wreckage directly after the crash and people rushed out to help the victims. Help came swiftly from Schiphol and surrounding provinces. At this time there are at least 9 confirmed deaths and about 80 wounded from light to severely of 134 passengers and 7 crew.

Surviving passengers and family are being reunited as this article goes online.

For people with family and/or friends on the aircraft, Schiphol opened a telephone number for information. It can be internationally reached at: 0031-900-1852.

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Passengers said it felt like an Air-pocket at 30 meters from the ground, then in seconds the crash occurred. There was no warning to the passengers.

Both pilots are presumed dead.

17:00 Local Time:

At this time the wreck of the B-737-800 is as good as empty, only the three cockpit-crew are still on board and reported dead. The cockpit has to be examined before it can be torn apart to get to these crew members.

18:00 Local Time:

Six of the wounded passengers are in critical condition in hospitals, 30 are seriously wounded the rest of the 80 wounded can be considered light to moderately injured

20:00 Local Time:

The last crew members from the cockpit have been removed from the aircraft.

It seems that the aircraft stalled in the approach, as it almost fell from the sky like a brick. The drag-trail of the aircraft is just a few hundred meters long.

The ‘Black Boxes’ have been found and on there way for investigation.

Boeing Statement on Turkish Airways Crash:

SEATTLE, Feb. 25, 2009 — The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] wishes to extend its profound condolences to the families and friends of those who perished in the crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 in Amsterdam, as well as its wishes for the recovery of those injured. Boeing is sending a team to provide technical support to the Dutch Safety Board to assist in the agency’s investigation of the accident at the invitation of the Dutch authorities.

Feb. 27Th:

Today is was released that the 9 people killed in the Amsterdam/Turkish Airlines crash were:  3 Turkish Crew members, 2 Turkish passengers as well as 4 American passengers.

One of the three pilots in the Cockpit was on a trainings flight, he was a licensed pilot since 2004 and was getting to know the Boeing 737-800.

The planes Black Box has been sent to Le Bourget / Paris for full investigation, results will be available sometime next week.

 Status of All Four Boeing Employees Confirmed in Amsterdam Accident:

SEATTLE, Feb. 27, 2009 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] today received confirmation from the U.S. Embassy in Amsterdam that a third Boeing employee has been identified as among the fatalities from this week’s Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 accident in Amsterdam. Boeing extends its deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. With the consent of the affected families, Boeing confirms the names and conditions of the four Boeing employees on Flight 1951. Three employees – Ronald A. Richey of Duvall, Wash., John Salman of Kent, Wash., and Ricky E. Wilson of Clinton, Wash. – died in the crash. One employee – Michael T. Hemmer of Federal Way, Wash. – was among the injured and remains hospitalized. Boeing remains committed to supporting the families of our employees through this very difficult time.