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General Dynamics F-16A/C fighting Falcon is a single seat multi-role fighter and F-16B/D is a two seat operational trainer. In March 1993 the Fort Worth division of General Dynamics was sold to Lockheed, and the aircraft is now known as the Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon.The F-16 is world’s most successful warplane of recent times, over 4000 Falcons have been build.The prototype YF-16 (72-1567) rolled out at Fort Worth on 13 December 1973, and was delivered by C-5A Galaxy to Edwards AFB California. During high speed taxi testing on 20 January 1974 test-pilot Phil Oestricher had to take-off with his YF-16, followed by the first official flight on 2 February 1974.Delivery of the first operational USAF F-16A and F-16B began in January 1979, with the 388th TFW at Hill AFB, Utah. The first European F-16 (FB-01) was delivered to the Belgian Air Force also in January 1979. The Netherlands accepted their first F-16B (J-259) in February 1979.The F-16C/D models introduce more high-tech for night operations, a new Hughes APG-68 multi-mode radar with increased range, sharper resolution and more operating modes. The first F-16C Flew 19 June 1984. To recognize the C/D models, note the antenna on the tail-fin.

Since 1992 the European Partners ( Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark) working together at the Mid-Life-Update program. The MLU program was designed to bring the Block 15 aircraft up to the standards of the Block 50/52 F-16C/D, in particular to give them the capability of carrying and launching Beyond Visual Range weapons such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM, together with the ability to carry out precision weapons delivery missions at night and in adverse weather.  The first MLU aircraft flew in April of 1995. By early 1998, conversions were being carried out in all four countries. Present plans are for 48 Belgian, 61 Danish, 156 Dutch, and 56 Norwegian F-16A/Bs to go through the MLU program. The program is scheduled with software updates to continue into 2009.



Developing Nation:



General Dynamics


 Multi-role Fighter

First Flight:

 YF-16 72-1468 20 January 1974

 F-16A 75-0745 8 December 1976

 F-16B 75-0751 8 August 1977

 F-16C 83-1118 19 June 1984

 F-16D 83-1174 14 September 1984

First Delivery:

 6 January 1979

First Operational:

 12 November 1980 by USAF’s 4th TFS of the 388th TFW at Hill AFB, Utah.


 F-16A/C 1  F-16B/D 2

Ejection Seat:

 ACES II zero-zero canted to recline 30°.


F-16A block 15 OCU specification

Wing Span:

 9,45 m, with tip-mounted AAM’s 10,00 m.

Wing Area:

 28,87 m².


 15,03 m.


 5,01 m.

Engine (s):

 One Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 rated at 64,9 kN dry and with afterburner 105.7 kN.


 Empty: 6.607 Kg.

 Internal fuel: 3.162 Kg.

 External fuel: 3.066 Kg.

 Max. payload: 6.894 Kg.

Max. Take off weight:

 Max. take off: 14.968 Kg.

Max. Speed:

  2.124 km/h at 12.190 m.

Max. Range:

  3.891 Km.


 Max. endurance hours.

g limits:

 + 9.


 Westinghouse APG-66 pulse- Doppler radar.

Centerline hard point(‘s):


Underwing hard points:


Wingtip hard points:



 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan Cannon with 511 rounds.

 AIM-7 Sparrow.

 AIM-9L/M/P  Sidewinder.

 AGM-45 Shrike.

 AGM-65 Maverick.

 AGM-78 Standard.

 AGM-88 Harm.



 Mk 20 Rockeye.

 CBU -87 Cluster bomb.

 GP Bombs.

 Paveway II Bombs.


 Orpheus reconnaissance pods, only Dutch F-16A(R).



F-16C block 25 specification.

Wing Span:

9,45 m, with tip-mounted AAM’s 10,00 m.

Wing Area:

28,87 m².


15,03 m.


5,09 m.

Engine (s):

– General Electric F110-GE-100 turbofan rated at 122,77 kN with afterburner (1x)


– Pratt & Whitney F100-P-220 turbofan rated with afterburner 104,31 kN. (1x)


– Empty: 8.663 Kg with F110 turbofan.

– Empty: 8.316 kg with F100 turbofan.

– Internal fuel: 3.162 Kg.

– External fuel: 3.066 Kg.

– Max. payload: 9.276 Kg.

Max. Take off weight:

Max. take off: 19.187 Kg.

Max. Speed:

2.124 km/h at 12.190 m.

Max. Range:

3.891 Km.


Service ceiling 15.240 m.

g limits:

+ 9.


Hughes AN/APG-68 (V5) multi mode radar.

Centerline hard point(‘s):


Underwing hard points:


Wingtip hard points:



– 20 mm M61A1 Vulcan Cannon with 511 rounds.

– AIM-9L/M/P  Sidewinder.


– AGM-45 Shrike.

– AGM-65 Maverick.

– AGM-88 Harm.

– GBU-10 laser guided bombs.

– GBU-12 laser guided bombs.

– Mk 20 Rockeye.

– CBU -87 Cluster bombs.

– GP Bombs.

– Paveway II Bombs.


LANTIRN navigation and targeting pod.


Special F-16’s:


  • YF-16/CCV        72-1567        single        ff 16-03-1976         Control Configured Vehicle.

  • F-16/79             75-0752        dual          ff 29-10-1980        General Electric J79-GE-17X single shaft turbojet engine.

  • F-16/101           75-0745        single        ff 19-12-1980        General Electric GE-YJ-101 two shaft turbojet engine.

  • AFTI/F-16         75-0750         single       ff 10-07-1982        Advanced Fighter Technology Integration.

  • F-16XL              75-0749         single       ff 03-07-1982        “Cranked Delta” Wing with F100 engine.

  • F-16XL              75-0747         dual          ff 29-10-1982        “Cranked Delta” Wing with F110 engine.

  • F-16D DFLCS      83-1176        dual          ff     -10-1992        Digital Flight Control System.

F-16 operators:


18 F-16C


4 F-16D


136 F-16A


24 F-16B


6 F-16C


4 F-16D


60 F-16A


17 F-16B


34 F-16A


8 F-16B


136 F-16C


42 F-16D

General Dynamics

1 NF-16D-30


100 F-16C


30 F-16D


8 F-16A


4 F-16B


103 F-16A


22 F-16B


81 F-16C


54 F-16D


100 F-16I

Italy *

30 F-16A ADF


4 F-16B OCU


12 F-16A


4 F-16B


17 F-16A/B ADF


177 F-16A


36 F-16B


60 F-16A


14 F-16B


12 F-16C/D (delivery 2008)


28 F-16A


12 F-16B


36 F-16C


12 F-16D (delivery 2006)


38 F-16A


7 F-16B


4 F-16A


4 F-16B


22 F-16C


20 F-16D

South Korea

125 F-16C


55 F-16D


120 F-16A


30 F-16B


43 F-16A


11 F-16B


196 F-16C


44 F-16D

United Arab Emirates

55 F-16E


25 F-16F (delivery from 2004)

United States Air force

672 F-16A


123 F-16B


1240 F-16C


205 F-16D

United States Navy

22 F-16N


4 TF-16N


18 F-16A


6 F-16B

* Italian F16’s currently leased from ANG (USAF) as “interim” between F-104’s  and Eurofighter Typhoon.F-16 in combat:Israel:On 28 April 1981 Israeli F-16’s scored the first air to air kill by shooting down two Syrian Mi-8 ‘Hip’ helicopters. Israel gave the F-16 it’s combat debut on 7 June 1981 with the strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor. In 1982 Israeli F-16’s achieved ascendancy over Syrian MiG’s during battles over Lebanon, shooting down 44 Syrian warplanes.Pakistan:The second nation to use the Falcon in combat was Pakistan, they shot down 5 communist aircraft along it’s Afghan border.Venezuela:A F-16 of the Venezuela air force shoots down an AT-27 during the Air Force coupe on 27 November 1992.Desert Storm 17 January – 28 February 1991:The biggest combat action was the Gulf air war, operation Desert Storm, 17 January – 28 February 1991. The USAF F-16A/C were employed in the air to ground role primarily for battlefield area interdiction, and was used against Iraqi troops, vehicles and forward installations. Five F-16’s were lost in combat and two in non combat mishaps. Bahrain F-16’s flew their first mission on 25 January and began offensive operations on the following days. Southern Watch: 1 March 1991- 1 May 2003:27 December 1992 brought the first USAF F-16 air to air combat kill, an Iraqi MiG-25 was destroyed by an AIM-120 AMRAAM of F-16D 90-0788/SW. Operation Southern Watch operated from the Prince Sultan AB in Saudi Arabia, last Combat Air Patrol was at 17 March 2003. Provide Comfort 1 March 1991 – 1 January 1997Northern watch: 1 January 1997 – 1 May 2003:On 17 January 1993 an Iraqi MiG-29 was destroyed in the northern no-fly zone by USAF F-16C 86-0262/SP.On 17 March 2003 was the last operational flight of the F-16C in operation Northern Watch, by the 55th FS, USAF from Incirlik AB in Turkey.Deliberate Force: Aug.- Sept. 1994:On 28 February 1994 4 Bosnian-Serb Soko G-4 Super Galebs were destroyed by two F-16C’s. One of the F-16’s (USAF 89-2137 / RS) shot down 3 !! Super Galebs, 2 with the AIM-9M Sidewinder, and the third with an AIM-120 AMRAAM. The second F-16 (USAF 89-2009 / RS) downed the 4th aircraft with an AIM-9M Sidewinder missile.Allied Force: 24 March – 10 June 1999:On 24 March 1999: a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16AM (J-063) shot down a Serbian MiG-29 Fulcrum using an AIM-120B AMRAAM missile. This became the first air to air kill in Allied Force.Enduring Freedom 7 October 2001 – :F-16’s from Royal Netherlands Air Force, Danish Air Force and Norwegian Air Force together the EPAF (European Participating Air Forces) detachment, operating from the Air Base Manas in Kyrgyz. They flying Combat Air Patrols in Afghanistan against the Taliban  regime, and Al-Qaeda.Iraqi Freedom 20 March 2003 – :F-16’s of the 52nd FW from Spangdahlem AB, Germany deployed to the Middle-East for Combat Air Patrols missions.


Research: By Rob Vogelaar

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