Gulfstream G550


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The Gulfstream G550 is the longest range business jet in the world. Additionally, this aircraft has a “PlaneView” cockpit (which consists of 4 Honeywell 21 EFIS screens, and a Gulfstream-designed cursor control system), and an “Enhanced Vision System” (EVS), an infrared camera that displays an image of the view in front of the camera on a head up Display.



Developing nation: United States of America.
Manufacturer/designer:  Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.
Production line: Savannah, GA USA.
Type aircraft: long-range business jet .
First flight:

August 31, 2001.

First delivery:


  Gulfstream G550
Cockpit crew: 2.
Passengers: 14 – 18.
Cabin length: 15,27 m.
Cabin diameter: 2,24 m.
Cabin height: 1,88 m.
Cabin volume: 47,3 m³.
Baggage compartment: 6,4 m³.
Wing span: 28,50 m.
Fuselage length: 29,39 m.
Height: 7,87 m.

two Rolls Royce BR710 C4-11 each rated 68.4 kN.


– basic operating weight with 4 crew: 21.909 Kg.

max. zero-fuel weight: 24.721 Kg.

– fuel: 18.733 kg.

– max. payload: 2.812 Kg.

Max. take off weight: 41.277 Kg.
Max. landing weight: 34.156 Kg.
Cruise speed: 946 km/h.
Service ceiling: 12.497 m.
Max. ceiling: 15.545 m.
Max. range: 12.501 km.

– take-off run 1.800 m at max. take-off weight.

– landing run 844 m at max. landing weight.



Research: R.Vogelaar